Third World Education

Government schools in a third world country are institutions where they teach you how to live your life like the way government wants you to. If you are from a Muslim country, government schools will make sure that you study religion and you have all the knowledge of living like a true Muslim. Similarly, if you are from India, you will find that all the information about Hindu religion is a part of the school books and on top of it you will be forced to study Hindi language. However, the funny part is, you will   not be selected for any job if you don’t have knowledge of English language.

India Free School

Only the public schools in these countries teach you how to speak English. This means, if you don’t have money to get admission in a public school, you will not get a good job.  Even the government will not hire you. All the exams for government jobs have a language test or they all are in English. In this way, a poor person will have very less opportunity to get a good job or to get quality education


?Question?: Why do governments spend so much money in providing education that does not help anyone. Why can’t we have an education system that provides equal opportunity to everyone? When I was a child, I was told that education is the basic right of every citizen. If that is true, why there is discrimination. Why can’t everyone get equal opportunity to learn? Why do a student from Poor family does not get access to good education when they need it the most to grow in life.RET-Image

The time has come when we all should raise our voices against this rotten education system. Education is the right of every human being. If I don’t have an expensive degree in my hands, it does not mean I am illiterate or I don’t deserve a job.


How to stay happy! :)

Well, this blog is about Gurvinder Madan (A sikh man from a third world country) and I should be talking about my life but this is one topic I couldn’t stop myself from writing about.

Happiness is the only thing in this universe that can not be bought. You can buy tickets for a comedy show but it will not make you happy if you are sad from inside. You can find millions of books and stuff online that will provide you tricks to get out of depression. But take my words, none of them will work. Happiness starts from inside. No one can teach you how to make yourself feel happy. It’s an art that you will have to teach yourself. Start making notes of things that give you pleasure. Things that can make your unstable mind stable. Whenever you feel you should end your life, think of someone who has nothing in his or her life but still does not complain about anything. Think of someone who was born in a poor and filthy country like pakistan. They have nothing in their lives. Women in that country live the life of a slave. But still they have immense faith in God and they accept every atrocity as his will. If you have someone in your life that is giving you trouble, leave that bastard behind and move on. Live a happy life. You only live once. YOLO! ❤

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Rafting accident in Rishikesh

It was the end of May 2014. My manager told me it would be an extended weekend this time. Memorial day in the U.S was on May 26 and as I was working for a U.S bank. My manager asked me to plan a trip to a hill station and send an invite to everyone in the team. I quickly drafted an email and sent it to everyone. It was an invitation to join us in the trip. However, very few replied to my email and the trip got cancelled.

I was still excited and wanted to go. I asked my wife to pack our bags and be ready for the trip. We planned to visit Rishikesh during the extended weekend.

I reached home at 6:30 am. My wife was ready with the bags. We decided to reach Kashmiri gate via metro and then take a bus from there. We boarded the bus for Rishikesh from Kashmiri gate. It took us 8 hours to reach.

The moment we stepped down from the bus, I got surrounded by auto walas. One of the auto walas agreed to take us to a good hotel in Rishikesh for 80 rupees. It was a decent hotel for 1000 per night. After takin some rest we went out to explore the city. First, we went to a beach and then to the Lakshman jhula. We ate some junk food and went back to our room. Before going to bed I asked the hotel staff to book rafting for us.

We woke up at 6:30 and went out for breakfast. Our hotel had arranged rafting for us. At 8:30 the rafting guide came to pick us and by 9:00 we were at Shiv puri ready to start the ride. The rafting guide explained us the process and warned everyone about the dangers. In the next few minutes we were in the middle of river Ganga. The first two rapids went perfectly. My wife seemed enjoying it. We both were sitting on the same side. The instructor was looking worried for some reason. People in the raft were not rowing properly. They were all looking like school students. The next rapid came and as people were not rowing, the raft turned up side down and everyone was in the rapid. At first I could not understand what had happened but then I saw my wife being rescued by a guide. I realized that I was in the river and I was drowning. I did not know how to swim and the only thing that was keeping me afloat was my life jacket. My heart was running at a rapid pace. All I wanted was some air to breath. Every time I opened my mouth it got filled with water. I saw a family playing on the beach side. I wanted to shout and ask for help but I could not utter a single word. I wanted to swim to the shore but moving hands was useless. I was losing energy by that. I thought I should stop trying and should wait for help but there was something else waiting for me. In next few minutes I was in the second rapid. I was spinning like a toy top and once the spinning ended the water threw me so hard that I went almost 15 feet down in the river Ganga.

The hope for survival was still alive in me. I was going down but had a hope that my life jacket will pull me out. Two minutes that I spent under water were the longest two minutes of my life. I tried opening my eyes and all I saw was pitch darkness spread all around me. But then the miracle happened. I was going up. The life jacket pulled me out. I could see sun light. The moment I came out I took a long breath and it was the longest breath I had ever taken. I could not believe I was alive. After flowing for a few minutes I saw a kayak coming towards me. Kayak guy asked me to hold his kayak from the back and after taking me closer to a raft he asked me to leave the kayak. I let it go but the raft was still far from me. The raft guide threw a rope towards me but I failed to catch it. He threw it again and he looked sure that I was going to miss it again. But then I heard a voice “catch the rope”. It was a girl sitting at the back seat of the raft. The voice gave me a new energy. I started moving hands hastily. To my surprise I was getting near to the rope. When the rope came to my hands I started pulling it. I reached to the raft and the guide on that raft pulled me in.

I was coughing water badly and felt dizzy. I sat down and the first thing I did was thanking the guide who saved me. They dropped me to the shore and waved good bye. I took off my life jacket and lay down on the sand. I could not believe I was alive. God had given me another chance to live. Another chance to correct my mistakes. It all seemed like a scene of a Hollywood movie. But my heart was still beating fast. Faster than a bullet train. My whole body was paining I just wanted to lay there for few hours but then I saw my wife running towards me. She wanted to know how I was but nothing came out of our mouths. We both kept looking at each other. I did not know if I should be happy or I should cry. Everyone gathered there and waited for our raft to come and pick us. The raft came soon and the rafting guide had a water bottle in his hands. I took a sip and passed it to my wife. It gave me a new energy and we sat in the raft again. I was very scared this time but I gathered myself and completed the rafting. We reached the end point. There were few shops there, selling noodles and lemon soda. My wife bought lemon soda for us and after having soda we decided to go back to Delhi and call it an end of our journey.

Today, when I think of this adventure trip, it feels like a nightmare that I would not like to experience again. However, I think there is a positive side of it as well. This has changed me a lot. I am completely a new personality. I understand that value of life and try to live it to the fullest.