Third World Education

Government schools in a third world country are institutions where they teach you how to live your life like the way government wants you to. If you are from a Muslim country, government schools will make sure that you study religion and you have all the knowledge of living like a true Muslim. Similarly, if you are from India, you will find that all the information about Hindu religion is a part of the school books and on top of it you will be forced to study Hindi language. However, the funny part is, you will   not be selected for any job if you don’t have knowledge of English language.

India Free School

Only the public schools in these countries teach you how to speak English. This means, if you don’t have money to get admission in a public school, you will not get a good job.  Even the government will not hire you. All the exams for government jobs have a language test or they all are in English. In this way, a poor person will have very less opportunity to get a good job or to get quality education


?Question?: Why do governments spend so much money in providing education that does not help anyone. Why can’t we have an education system that provides equal opportunity to everyone? When I was a child, I was told that education is the basic right of every citizen. If that is true, why there is discrimination. Why can’t everyone get equal opportunity to learn? Why do a student from Poor family does not get access to good education when they need it the most to grow in life.RET-Image

The time has come when we all should raise our voices against this rotten education system. Education is the right of every human being. If I don’t have an expensive degree in my hands, it does not mean I am illiterate or I don’t deserve a job.